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Chris Nahon

Chris Nahon

"I encourage you to accept that you may not be able to see a path
right now, but that doesn't mean it's not there.“

Director, Writer

French, born in 1968, Chris Nahon grew up with film Steven Spielberg, John Carpenter, Jim Jarmusch, Tobe Hooper, Spike Lee

After 3 short films, I started a production company in Paris working for agencies, doing commercials and VFX. I was also working for Quad Productions, directing and producing commercials for Renault, Sony, Danone and many other international brands. I've been spotted by Luc Besson through my Friend Julien Seri who was preparing the movie Yamakasi. Luc Besson proposed me to direct my first feature film with a budget of 17M€: Kiss of the Dragon (2001), starring Jet Li. The movie enters in the record as the most gainful movie ever in the history of French cinema. In 2005 I directed The empire of the Wolves, my adaptation with Jean-Christophe Grangé from his french bestseller L'Empire Des Loups. It was the best international sell of the year for a French Movie, starred by Jean Reno. Then in 2007, I signed the script of Skate Or Die, French film directed by Miguel Courtois, the story of two young skaters quietly going about that are witnesses to a triple homicide. Two years later, he took the camera to direct Blood: The Last Vampire, adapted from the famous manga. The chinese producer doesn’t respect my edition, the movie stayed one year in china for post without my control and I suffered of my first commercial failure. I decided to take a distance with Cinema, experiment an other life and move to Argentina where I built and managed a restaurant with my Wife and my 4 kids. In 2015 I accepted a project from Voltage Pictures, Lady Blood Fight. A small budget but they let me do all I wanted, camera, edition, post production in Argentina. .

Chris Nahon

Chris Nahon Adventurer

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